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Lotus Elan S4 SE FHC 1970

Purchased by myself last year as a "keeper". Sadly I have not used it anywhere near enough and a racing project has come up that requires funding, so the Elan is most regretfully offered for sale. 


Totally rebuilt incorporating a Spyder re-conditioned Lotus chassis. Correct L Block engine all rebuilt, as was the gearbox & diff. In fact everything was done. In 2013 Allon White completely re-conditioned and re-painted the body including renewing the gel coat etc. Retrimmed of course with lovely dashboard etc.

Set up for me by Elan guru Paul Matty it is quite the sweetest Elan I have had the pleasure to drive. It is a Stromberg model and these are more user friendly that the Webers. Engine, Gearbox, Brakes, Suspension etc. all just lovely.

The body and paintwork are pretty much the best I have ever seen on an Elan. The doors fit, there are no star cracks, micro-blistering or any other defects. I particularly wanted a French Blue FHC example and consider it the best colour for the most stylish model.

Lots of history and a record of the rebuild and repaint both in invoices and photographs. I will never be able to replace it.


For many there are two stand out British sports cars of the 1960s, the Jaguar E Type and the Lotus Elan. Both are masterpieces of design that look as good today as they ever did.

With a few concessions to modernity you could make an Elan today and it would still be a winner. 

It's a simple formula, but it works, and of course has been mimicked many times, notably the MX5 Mazda. 


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