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MG VA Tourer 1937

We have owned several VA tourers in the past. They make excellent family classics with a great style. This car was living not 2 miles from our base which at least saved some money on transport! 

The previous owner had purchased the car as a project in 1998 and he carried out a nut and bolt restoration in the following three years. The interior re-trim was by type specialists SVW Services. The leather trim, mohair hood, side screens & tonneau cover are a delight. 

An active member of his local MG group he enjoyed the car greatly completing many trips at home and abroad. Around three years ago the engine was fully rebuilt and then more recently a set of Blockley tyres were added. There are a few additions to make the car more useable such as flashing indicators, Halogen headlights and spin on oil filter etc.


This is a lovely vintage tourer in excellent condition. The car retains it's original registration number and has an excellent file.  


The VA was the third new MG model to be launched in 1936. It was available in saloon, tourer and Tickford convertible versions.

The 1,549cc 4 cylinder engine on twin SU carbs. produced some 54bhp. With a 4 speed part syncromesh gearbox the car was capable of around 75 mph.

Around 2,400 VAs were sold in all forms. 


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