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We have many years experience in the Classic and Collectors Car Markets, World Wide. We can therefore offer unrivalled, wholly independent, and impartial advice on both the purchase and disposal of collectors and classic cars.

We are happy to advise on the valuation of single cars, car collections or automobilia.  We know that each of our clients have a unique set of requirements and we can therefore give you totally independent advice on the most cost effective means of disposing of your assets, whether this be independent marketing, Private Treaty, or Auction, and if so, which auction company offers the best solution for your prized possessions.

Equally if you are a Solicitor, Administrator or Executor, we can offer the impartial advice that you require on:

  • Probate or Estates

  • Family division or other asset division

  • Post accident or other damage valuation

  • Insurance agreed valuations

  • Financing or fund raising valuation.


Our fees are modest, and depend on the overall task you wish us to take on. The risks you take on board by entering this intensely difficult and fast changing market, without independent and wholly impartial advice, are significant.  Our support and experience will be invaluable in ensuring that your decisions are well founded.


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