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MG TF 1250 1954

Several things attracted us to this TF 1250. Firstly it is an original UK Right Hand Drive example which is fairly rare. It has some decent history going back to the 1980s with invoices and old MOTs. The car drives well and appears in entirely standard mechanical specification. It has a very decent leather trim and excellent complete weather equipment. This extends to a smart split tonneau cover in black.

The paintwork is smart enough but is not perfect. The chrome is very decent. Really it is a car to use and enjoy for now, and possibly improve over time.


We purchased the car direct from the previous owner. It had been his father's car for many years which he had taken over. Having enjoyed the old MG experience for a while he now felt it was time to get a bit more modern - hence the sale.

We are able to offer the car at a very keen price, so if you think it may be for you then give us a call.



£ t.b.a.

The TF was the last iteration of the iconic T series MGs. To many it is the best version, but others are not fans of the "modern" styling.

Just like the TD it drives really well and is great fun.

As with all British sportscars of the period the vast majority were sold to North America in Left Hand Drive.


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