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MGA 1800 Roadster

This fabulous Roadster belonged to a local MG enthusiast lady. The only reason for sale was her imminent emigration to Australia. I spotted it in our local workshop where the garage owner commented it was the best MGA he had ever driven. A short drive confirmed it was indeed a cracker, the owner was contacted and a deal done.


The specification includes MGB 1860cc engine, 5 speed type 9 gearbox, wire wheels, front disc brakes, alternator and conversion to negative earth, power steering, Hi-Torque starter, spot lights, luggage rack etc. It's a long list. 


Imported by Murray Scott-Nelson in May 1991 it was subsequently totally rebuilt in the ownership of a Nigel Woor during 1994 to 1996. The previous owner bought the car in August 2007. She enjoyed it greatly both at home and on the continent. Money has been lavished on the car over the years as witnessed by the large box file of invoices etc.


Best to drive ever is a big statement. Let's just say you might like this - a lot. 


Often considered the prettiest sportscar of the period MGAs are also great fun to drive. Successful too with over 100,000 of all types having been sold across the world. The biggest market was North America as the UK were still in the "export or die" period.

The chassis is good enough to handle more power and conversions such as our car are well accepted in the MG world.


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