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MGA 1500 Coupe

This is an original UK RHD Coupe. One of only 368 sold in that year out of a total of only 828 RHD home market 1500 Coupes built. Much rarer than the roadster. It does have registration details from 1970 onwards via an original green log book. We understand that the car was totally rebuilt in the late 1980’s.

We first owned the car in 2008 and had fond memories of it. The new owner then invested in the car over his 8 year tenure. The car was converted to 5 speed via a type 9 Sierra gearbox and Hi-Gear conversion kit. At the same time the engine was stripped and rebuilt as required as well as being converted to un-leaded fuel.

The previous owner bought the car in June 2016. He had enjoyed his time with the car but fancied a change. We jumped at the opportunity to buy the car again and it has not disappointed. We have a fresh MOT (as we always try to include) and it is now ready to go again.

The 5 speed conversion is a great benefit to any MGA. It really does expand the car’s usability. This is a super little classic that has a bright future.




MG's chief designer needed to develop a streamlined modern sports car to replace the ageing T series. The prototype was finished in 1952 and presented to BMC Chairman Leonard Lord. The first production car launched in 1955 along with MG's return to racing at LeMans with 3 examples.

MGAs went on to be the best selling British sportscar in the USA earning vital export funds for the UK. 


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