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MG TC 1948

This charming TC was built in June 1948 as confirmed by an MGOC dating letter on file. It would appear to have enjoyed one owner in Canada from 2004 until it was re-imported to the UK in 2018. 

The car underwent a full restoration taking many years and this is evidenced by a photo album showing the various stages of works.  There is an extensive engineers report on file completed in 2015.


The car features a louvered bonnet and 16" competition offset wire wheels which really suit the car well. There is a photo on file taken in Canada showing racing roundels on the car but we doubt that it raced seriously, if at all. 

Today the car presents really well with a particularly attractive colour scheme. It is lively and fun to drive. This is motoring from a different era and all the better for it.


Very much the traditional British sportscar. Often credited as introducing this type of car to the America, as they were popular with visiting US servicemen.

Only produced in right hand drive. Powered by the XPAG engine of 1250cc coupled to a 4 speed gearbox.


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