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MGA 1600 Mk11 FHC 1961 

This original UK Right Hand Drive 1600 Mk11 is in lovely order. The file includes a Heritage Certificate showing a production date of September 1961. We originally purchased the car from a local MG enthusiast along with a vintage MG he owned. We then sold the A to a good customer who has enjoyed the car and looked after it well. He then fancied a change so we were delighted to have the chance to get the Coupe back.

This is an excellent car. It has clearly been fully restored at some point although there are no details of this. The earliest MOT on file is from 1987 and there are 26 MOTs on file showing light regular use every year.

A brief drive showed no issues at all although as with all our cars it will be checked and freshly MOT'd on sale.

MGA Coupes have appreciated in recent years and apart from the hens teeth Twin Cam and De Lux models this is the one to have. 



The 1600 Mk11 was introduced in March 1961 with new 1622cc engine, new radiator grille and new rear lights etc.

Including the DeLux model there were only 219 of these Coupes produced for the UK market.

Great style, easy to own, nice to drive.


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