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Morris 8 Pre-Series 1935

We used to own lots of Morris 8s, particularly the tourers. They have always been a popular choice as a fun, no hassle pre-war family classic. Visiting a local show we saw this for sale and just had to buy it. The owners had enjoyed the car over many years. Collecting the car today with the owners waving their "friend" good-bye just underlined how attached we can all get to these things.

The car's file includes an E-mail from it's 2nd owner who learned to drive with the car in 1969. There is a photo of him with BLT at the time. In more recent times the car has had a replacement engine (around 4,000 mls ago), an up-rated steering box, rebuilt brakes etc. 

The paintwork is bright and tidy. There is some cracking in areas but this does not detract too much from the overall appearance. The interior is tidy as is the engine bay. The original semaphore indicators work with flashing LEDs as well as front and rear conventional lights. Clearly well looked after, loved and driving just as it should. Ready to commence the next chapter - maybe with you.




Produced from 1935 to 1948 the Morris 8 was a great success. More "grown up" and certainly more technically advanced than the Austin Seven.

Featuring a rugged 4 cylinder engine coupled to a 3 speed gearbox with hydraulic brakes.

The 4 door was sold at £ 142 new including sun roof but the bumpers were an extra

£ 2.50. 


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