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Riley 9 Plus Ultra Tourer 1932

Introduced at the 1931 Motor Show, the ‘Plus Ultra’ Series of the Riley Nine featured a number of improvements, the most significant being the new dropped chassis frame. The 4 seat Tourer version continued the theme established with the successful Mk lV and ‘Plus’ models which ran from 1929 – 31. The 1,087 cc four-cylinder engine had hemispherical combustion chambers and a crossflow head. The valves were operated by two camshafts mounted high in the crankcase through short pushrods and rockers. The unit simply wants to rev, and in turn gives good acceleration. The 4-speed gearbox is a joy to use.


Apart from a handful of obscure, low-volume specialised sportscars, no other light car produced in similar quantities offered anything comparable, and this of course is why they are so sought after today. This superb original UK four seat tourer was on holiday in South Africa for a while but returned to the UK last year. The car has a full set of weather equipment including tonneau and hood bag. It also is fitted with an electronic fuel pump and coil ignition, so starts readily. It has a good file including restoration photographs & invoices etc. This will make a truly lovely companion for a vintage loving family. 


Largely designed by brothers Percy and Stanley Riley, the Riley Nine was one of the most successful light cars produced by the British motor industry in the inter war period.


It was made by the Riley company of Coventry, England with a wide range of body styles between 1926 and 1938.


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