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MG TF 1250 1954

This original UK RHD TF 1250 has a virtually complete ownership record, with green and buff logs books as well as modern V5C registration. There is a BMIHT Certificate and lots of old MOT's which log mileage as around 23,000 mls from restoration in 1990. The car drives really well with no known issues. It has been freshly MOT'd (even though this is not required).


In 2012 the previous owner converted the car to 5 speed via a type 9 gearbox and Hi-Gear conversion kit. The car has a heater, natty mirrors and luggage rack plus battery cut out's etc. all good stuff.   Aero screens are not fitted but are included along with the original steering wheel.

There are two large files of history with the car plus some useful spares.  Today the car is  smart and tidy and the colour scheme is just perfection.  Complete with full weather gear, tonneau cover and hood bag all in excellent condition.  Given the almost perfect specification, plus it being a rare UK car this is a great value TF.

Short video:




The MG TF was the last of the T series. Produced from late 1953 some 6,200 were built in 1,250cc form with the majority being sold to export markets, mainly to the USA. 

The cars featured a 1250cc XPAG engine with 4 speed manual gearbox. They could just about see 80 mph on a good day, but the chassis was more than capable of handling more.


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